Artificial Intelligence,Feature Engineering

Applying AI in Artificial Lifts

Level: Basic Grades: In College
Artificial Intelligence,Feature Engineering
50 Hours of LIVE instruction
Weekend and Weekdays
45000.00 50000.00
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Course Overview 5/5

This course aims at providing the student with the working knowledge of python and its libraries, at the same time enabling the student to have a strong command over the niche areas of the Upstream Sector. The application of AI-ML in artificial lifts provides crucial insight into the production operations of the field and the nuances associated with their operations.

Topics Covered

  • What is Machine Learning
  • Creating a Digital Twin
  • Creating a Machine Learning Model
  • Feature Engineering
Python Numpy and Pandas

Projects you will build

Digital Twin for Sucker Rod Pump

Calculating downhole dynacard from surface dynacard and pump failure identification using automated dynacard identification.

Artificial Intelligence
Digital Twin for Sucker Rod Pump
Digital Twin, Prescriptive Maintenance

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