How It Works

Think of us as your learning partner and a career mentor to help you take the next big leap.

We have three streams, i.e. In College, Finished College and Working Professionals to address everyone's unique needs.

While attending college, the attention is more on understanding concepts to build a solid foundation at an early stage. And it is the best period to learn new subjects.

After college, finding that dream job or starting up on your own require skills of today. Petrocoder empowers you to become a true professional to solve the real world problems.

For working professionals, the focus shifts around certain areas to maximize career growth and to interact effectively with internal and external customers.

Technology is in the DNA of everything we do to solve simple or complex problems. Our team of specialists assess every individual to recommend an optimal learning plan. One can enroll for a basic or an advanced level depending on interest and preferences. All courses have been carefully curated by industry and technology specialists.

With Petrocoder you not only learn industry digital skills, but also gets an opportunity to apply it on real life problems to increase your


Attend the free webinar to understand the value proposition

We regularly organise free webinars for you to get a general understanding about industry demand and specific digital use cases. These will give you an good overview and how you can transform your career.


Register to book a free 1:1 online session with our industry specialist

All our courses are delivered one on one in a virtual manner. It means you are the focus and you learn what you really want to. In a way transformation is assured.


Evaluate and subscribe for a course of your choice

There are multiple options when it comes to technologies. You can choose to an IOT specialist, an application developer or an artificial intelligence expert without diluting your industry expertise.


Get your learning validated by industry seniors

Our industry experts help you validate your learning. Our rigorous evaluation process ensure that you get the maximum output from the sessions you attend to sustain the knowledge.


Enroll for an optional handholding program

If you are struggling to make your next career move, we have a handholding program for to look at. We will work with you to understand your career goals and how we can function as a launch pad.


Transform yourself

The end goal is transformation. Both on digital and career front. And our differentiated approach will ensure this. We are committed to be your trusted partner to help you achieve your learning goals.