Why Engage

Our industry expertise and digital transformation experience ensure better outcomes.

When there are hundreds of recruiting firms around, it is completely legitimate to ask why you should engage Petrocoder.

Petrocoder has an exclusively digital focus. It means that our team has expertise in assessing data & analytics or technology skills for energy and resources industry. And we understand nature of work beyond job description.

Petrocoder has a unique proposition if you are looking to onboard a resource having data and analytics technologies skills in energy and resources industry.

  • Petrocoder is not a recruiting agency but a digital learning transformation platform where corporates, candidates and universities collaborate.
  • Petrocoder has an organically nurtured talent lake for energy and resources industry.
  • Petrocoder continuously assess all its resource pool for various domain and digital skills and rate them against industry standards.
  • Petrocoder pre-verifies all credentials including qualifications and experience, so what you see is what you get.
  • Petrocoder industry panel has experts from energy and resources industry having decades of hands-on experience on solving real world problems.
  • Petrocoder upgrades digital skills of your industry resources to contribute to your digital transformation journey.