Whats in it

We help corporates by enabling their workforce learn the technologies of today faster.

Petrocoder is a digital transformation learning platform for today’s professionals. Our team has experience in implementing multiple digital use cases across different segment of energy and resources industry.

In today’s digital age, even if you have studied computer science in college, it is extremely difficult to keep pace with latest developments. And one need to continuously learn to fill the major gap in the requirement of the industry and existing skills. Petrocoder prepares you for the new code of the industry. That is the power of digital.

At Petrocoder, you learn fundamental for all technologies, e.g., programming, internet of things, cloud computing and others. And then you work on real use cases to apply the learning to solve real industry challenges. All classes are taught live 1:1 online in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. We have a very rigorous criterion for selection of our teachers and subject matter experts to ensure you get the right exposure. And moreover, we do not stop there. If you have enrolled, we help you find the right job as well. We have specialist programs that help you change your career path as well.

We have developed courses having the right combination between industry and digital that allow students, graduates and working professionals to learn in a seamless and an easy way. All courses have been designed by the core team which has several decades of experience in energy and resources sector. As our curriculum is developed by industry experts and learning is validated by senior professionals, all learns get a state of art experience. We call it outcome driven learning.

Petrocoder courses are oriented towards digital, data and analytics. You will learn:

  • How to build apps and develop programs in multiple languages
  • How to build the data analytics use case
  • How to apply data science technologies in solving an industry problem
  • How internet of things is used in the industry
  • How cloud is solving the complex problems
  • How technologies integrate with each other
  • What technologies are important for industry