Deployment on Cloud,Building Cognitive IoT

IOT in Oil & Gas - Downstream Specialist

Level: Advance Grades: Working Professionals
Deployment on Cloud,Building Cognitive IoT
90 Hours of LIVE instruction
90000.00 100000.00
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Course Overview 5/5

Topics Covered

  • Building an IoT app
  • Creating a Digital Twin
  • Creating a Machine Learning Model
  • Feature Engineering

Course Curriculam

  • IOT Basics
  • Networking Basics
  • MQTT vs HTTP
  • IOT Platforms Introduction


  • MQTT Demo
  • Simple Live Dashboard
  • Timeseries Database
  • Basic Production ready IOT Logger


  • SQL Database
  • Connectors for MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Writing Data into SQL
  • Running Analytics Query
  • Analytics Dashboard


  • IOT App Basics
  • Build MQTT Android App
  • Send Data through ESP and Sensor
  • Show Live Data in App
  • Execute Queries from App


  • Intro to Serverless Computing – Lambda
  • Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Execute Lambda on MQTT Event
  • Rules Engine Basics

  • Intro to AWS Dynamo DB
  • DynamoDB Connection
  • IFTTT Intro
  • Google Assistant Demo


  • Fire-store Integration
  • Real time database Integration


  • Deploying apps on the cloud

  • Building IOT in an Downstream – Working on an actual use case

  • Learning Assessment & Inputs for improvement

Projects you will build

Building IoT in Downstream

Building Cognitive IoT
Building IoT in Downstream
IoT Application, Downstream, Refinery, Predictive Maintenance, Scheduling

Build an IoT App

Build Algorithms (or models) that are powerful enough to learn any required behavior from data.

Building Cognitive IoT
Build an IoT App
IoT App, Deployment

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