Machine Learning,Building Cognitive IoT

IOT in Oil & Gas

Level: Basic Grades: In College
Machine Learning,Building Cognitive IoT
30 Hours of LIVE instruction
Weekend and Weekdays
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Course Overview 5/5

This course aims at providing students with the basics of IoT and other essential aspects associated with it. Our focus is on providing the student with a thorough understanding of the working of IoT in the industry. It covers Database management, dealing with live data, basics of MQTT, cloud computing, Real-time database integration, and several use cases.

Topics Covered

  • Building an IoT app
  • Creating a Digital Twin
  • Creating a Machine Learning Model
  • Feature Engineering
  • Working with well logs in Python

Course Curriculam

  • IOT Basics
  • Networking Basics
  • MQTT vs HTTP
  • IOT Platforms Introduction


  • MQTT Demo
  • Simple Live Dashboard
  • Timeseries Database
  • Basic Production ready IOT Logger


  • SQL Database
  • Connectors for MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Writing Data into SQL
  • Running Analytics Query
  • Analytics Dashboard


  • IOT App Basics
  • Build MQTT Android App
  • Send Data through ESP and Sensor
  • Show Live Data in App
  • Execute Queries from App


  • Intro to Serverless Computing – Lambda
  • Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Execute Lambda on MQTT Event
  • Rules Engine Basics

  • Intro to AWS Dynamo DB
  • DynamoDB Connection
  • IFTTT Intro
  • Google Assistant Demo


  • Fire-store Integration
  • Real time database Integration


  • Building IOT in an Upstream/Downstream use case.

Python Tensorflow Numpy and Pandas

Projects you will build

Building IoT in Upstream

Explore the power of cognitive IoT to outthink oil & gas industry challenges

Building Cognitive IoT
Building IoT in Upstream
Cognitive IoT, Deployment

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