Machine Learning,Supervised Learning

Predictive Maintenance

Level: Advance Grades: In College
Machine Learning,Supervised Learning
50 Hours of LIVE instruction
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Course Overview 5/5

This course aims at providing the student with advanced knowledge of Python and its libraries, with a focus on its industrial application. The student will get to apply the time series model in the natural gas pipeline. and learn to make predictions based on past trends.

Topics Covered

  • What is Machine Learning
  • Creating a Machine Learning Model
  • Feature Engineering

Course Curriculam

  • Manipulating and visualizing data
  • Variables and assignment
  • Operators and expressions
  • Flow control
  • Getting data, part 1
  • Using CP time series data for visualization

  • NumPy
  • matplotlib
  • SciPy
  • Scikit-image and PIL
  • Pandas, a quick introduction
  • Reading and writing data files
  • Getting data, part 2
  • EDA for time series data
  • Signal Pre-processing
  • Noise Removal

  • Writing code
  • Classes and object-oriented programming
  • Version control
  • Test driven development
  • Documentation
  • Packaging
  • Getting better

  • Identifying trend and seasonality
  • Using regression models
  • Parallel series multi-output prediction
  • Using LSTM for time series forecasting
  • Using bidirectional LSTM
  • Using GluonTs, NBEATS
  • Identifying events on the basis of predicted series

  • Cathodic Protection Station Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Python Numpy and Pandas Exploratory Data Analysis Feature Engineering

Projects you will build

Predictive maintenance in Heat Exchanger

Create a predictive model to anticipate when maintenance would next be required.

Artificial Intelligence
Predictive maintenance in Heat Exchanger
Predictive Maintenance, Fouling Monitoring, Scheduling

Earth Pit Monitoring

  • Earth leakage & voltage analytics
  • Earth Pit Effectiveness

Building Cognitive IoT
Earth Pit Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance

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